Vaping FAQs


Q: What is an E-Cigarette
A: E-cigs are simply a device for vaporising e-juice and delivering that vapour to you in a form that appears very similar to cigarette smoke. Some juices are nicotine based and others are not, the decision to vape nicotine or non-nicotine based e-juice is up to you. The most common type of e-cigs comprise of 2 main parts: · A battery and, · A tank or clearomiser. The tanks and clearomisers are both designed to hold your e-juice. They have an coil inside them and when connected to the battery with button pressed, that coil heats the juice, turning it into a smokey looking vapour. You draw that vapour just like a cigarette. Each tank or clearomiser is designed to do the same thing, in a different way; some have wicks, some bottom feed and some internal coils, through trial and error you will find the set up that best suits you (See “Tank and Atomiser” question for more info). Any of our starter kits and a bottle of NV Juice will give you everything you need to start vaping. If you have any further questions please contact us through our contact page.

Vaping Questions

Q: Is Vaping the same as Smoking?
A: No. But it is a very very good alternative. A good electronic cigarette will give a very similar feeling to taking a drag of a normal cigarette, but without the tar and many other poisons that you get with smoking.  The way you drag an e-cigarette is different to a cigarette: drags are longer and slower, you only vape a few puffs and move on – you don’t need to wait until you have smoked it down to the but. When moving over to vaping; the biggest mistake you could make is to not expect any change at all. The way you vape is different, but once you have made the change you won’t look back – I didn’t!

Q: Are eCigs illegal in New Zealand?
A: No, e-cigarettes and all the hardware that we sell is NOT illegal in NZ. All hardware products are able to be purchased in New Zealand without any risk of prosecution what so ever.

Q: Is it legal to import nicotine?
A: It is completely legal to import 3 months’ worth of nicotine products into New Zealand for personal use. You can purchase up to 3 month’s supply at a time, 5 times in a year.
- For further information see the Smoke Free Environments Act


Battery Questions

Q: Are the batteries re-chargeable?
A: Yes! All of our batteries are re-chargeable using the chargers that we provide you.

Q: How long do the batteries last once charged?
A: Each model has a different level of charge that can be passed for a given period of time. The larger the number the longer it will last between charges.

Q: How long do the batteries last before they need to be replaced?
A: The average life span of a battery before it needs replaced is 6 months. You can increase the chances of long life by maintaining good cleaning habits and protecting them from high impact or heat.

Q: What is the voltage produced by 510/ego batteries?
A: Most smaller batteries will produce around 3.7 volts Upgraded products can reach more like 5 volts. All products in our range are regulated, which means the voltage or watts will regulate themselves.

Q: Can I modify my batteries?
A: No. This will void any existing warranty and will most likely result in equipment failure. Don’t do it.

Q: What is the difference between automatic and manual batteries?
A: Automatic batteries are a type of battery that can be powered simply taking a puff from the e-cig. While this may be appealing to new users, we do not recommend these automatic batteries for a few reasons. They are not "protected" batteries, which means they can easily be damaged by leaking fluid. You cannot safely "drip" while using these batteries. They can easily be accidentally engaged in your pocket or purse causing the battery to be unexpectedly drained of charge. Automatic batteries are available for some 510 models but are not recommended.
Manual Batteries have a button that must be pressed while taking a puff from your e-cig. This feature protects your battery from accidental power loss. All our batteries are manual and have a 5-click locking system.

Q: What is the "5-click" locking feature?
A: All our batteries can be turned ON and OFF by clicking the button 5 times quickly. This protects the battery from any accidental engagement. It does NOT drain the battery to leave it in "ON" mode. You may simply turn it off at any point you desire to protect its charge. Example: when packing a fully charged battery in a suitcase or backpack you may turn it off to protect it from accidental engagement.

Q: What is a "pass-thru" battery?
A: The Pass-thru style battery can be used while it is charging. It can ONLY be charged by connecting it to a USB port.

Liquid Questions

Q: Why does a flavour taste different than before?
A: If you are experiencing flavour variation there are several factors to consider. The main reason would be a change in equipment. There is a give and take between Regular, Low Resistance, and Super Low resistance equipment. While decreased resistance can increase your vapour production it can sacrifice flavour quality or purity. Consider this when purchasing your cartomizer or atomiser equipment as these purchases are final and will not be replaced based on perceived flavour variation.
If you have not changed the type of equipment used and are experiencing flavour variation, consider these factors:

  • Are you filling your cartomizer/atomizer correctly?
  • Are you mixing different flavours in the same cartomizer? We do not advise using more than one flavour per cartomizer.
  • Is your equipment (cart/atty) worn/over-used? These items do age over time and unfortunately no system will last for ever.

  • Q: what is my nicotine strength?
    A: NVJuice can be made for you with 4 different levels of nicotine dosage. It is your choice as to which dosage you prefer but you may find this chart helpful.
    24mg:    Heavy 18mg:    Regular 12mg:    Ultra-Light 0mg:    Nicotine Free

    Q: What is a pg/vg ratio?
    A: "PG/VG ratio" is in reference to the specific amount of food-grade carriers we use to mix your juice. They affect your "throat hit" and visual vapour production, and perform differently in different voltages. For example PG 75/VG 25 will be a thinner mixture consisting primarily of PG. It is very flavourful with more throat hit and less vapour production. Great for lower voltage devices like the 510.
    All NZVAPOR NVJuices come in a 60/40 mix: the perfect mix! It offers the best balance of throat hit and vapour production without sacrificing flavour. Great for 3.7 – 4.2 volt+ devices, such as the Ego or EVOD range.

    Q: What flavours should I use?
    A: If you are hoping to replicate the experience of smoking you will want to sample our tobacco and menthol flavours. When choosing alternative flavours you should choose a flavour that you enjoy in other foods or products. For more information on specific flavours be sure to check out some of our flavour descriptions.

    Q: How should I store my liquid?
    A: It is important to keep your liquid out of the reach of pets and children. Also avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. Keep in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight. Long Term: If kept under these prescribed conditions your liquid will expire 2 years after the purchase date. Long term storage may cause certain flavours to become significantly stronger in taste.

    Q: Can I have custom flavours mixed especially for me?
    A: Yes. You will see under “flavour selections” we offer a “CUSTOM NVJUICE” option. This option will be more expensive than the normal order and unfortunately we are unable to offer any guarantees over the consistency, because of the smaller batches we will mix in. When you request this option we will do our best to accommodate but some flavours are not possible to be made within our strict policies. 
    Q: I spilled liquid on myself. What should I do? I/My pet swallowed a bottle of liquid. What should I do? 
    A: Spilling liquid on yourself is not dangerous in most cases. To prevent skin irritation you will need to wash it with soap and water immediately. However, there are a number of ways that swallowing liquid can be harmful to a human or animal. If the liquid is consumed orally in any large quantity by any human or animal we suggest you seek medical assistance immediately.

    Q: How would I recognize a sensitivity or allergic reaction to Propylene Glycol? How could I address this when ordering juice?
    A: While this does not apply to most users, a very small portion of users may experience sensitivity to Propylene Glycol (PG).These reactions most commonly appear in the form of nasal or sinus congestion. Some extreme cases may also experience hives on the skin. If you experience these reactions we recommend discontinued use. While most of these cases result in minor sensitivity, you should consult your doctor if you are experiencing a more extreme reaction.

    Tank & Atomiser Questions

    Q: what is the difference between a Cartomizer, Clearomiser and tank?
    A: Although they seem similar each of these items offer different ways to carry and vaporize your NVJuice. - Cartomizer: Has coils that are surrounded by a cotton wool or polyfill. The coil pulls liquid directly from the polyfill or cotton wool each time you take a puff. This creates fresh concentrated vapour with each puff. These items are extremely convenient for heavy users but are limited to one flavour per piece. You can NOT mix different flavours in one cartomizer. Doing so will result in unpleasant and unexpected flavour combinations.
    • Clearomiser: is similar to the cartomizer but has a silica wick which soaks the juice and pulls it toward the coil. This system gives fresh concentrated vapour with each puff (like the cartomizer). These items are extremely convenient for heavy users and are fairly good for mixing flavours. You can mix different flavours in one cartomizer but you will need to allow for the taint of the old flavour to work through the new juice as you vape. The old flavour has normally gone after a full tank has been vaped.
    • Tank Atomizer: has a reservoir which holds up to 1.6ml of juice for Ego models. This item combines the plastic reservoir (tank) with an atomizer which has a long thin coil. The tank is filled simply by removing a cap and filling the tank with NVJuice. Once filled, the cap is screwed back on the tank and the tank is then connected to the battery. It is important to make sure you have completely connected the tank. Failure to connect properly will result in reduced vapour production and leakage.
    • Tank: will normally be a plastic, glass or steel case with an atomiser that screws into the bottom. This means the NVJuice feeds from the bottom of the tank, directly on to the atomiser, giving a strong and full vapour. The danger of these set ups is it is easy to burn your juice. To fill; remove the atomiser from the bottom and fill upside down. 

    Q: How do I fill a Cartomizer?
    A: First remove the tip simply by unscrewing or popping the bung from the cartomizer. The white cotton wick (or polyfill) will then be exposed. You should soak this cotton wick with NVJuice. The coil which runs through the centre of the wick can easily be seen. Avoid dripping any NVJuice on this centre coil as it will drain directly out of the bottom. Tilt the cartomizer to its side and add small amounts of NVJuice. With each drip, turn the cartomizer allowing you to soak a new section of cotton. Repeat this process until liquid begins dripping from the bottom of the Cartomizer. It usually holds up to 2 ml of NVJuice and may take several minutes to fill completely. You should fill it this way each time to prevent any dry sections of polyfill or wick. Dryness will result in harsh and unpleasant flavour as well as lower levels of nicotine with each puff taken.

    Q: How do I fill a Clearomiser?
    A: Remove the tip simply by screwing it from the plastic reservoir. The drip tube will be exposed (a thin circular grey metal). The clearomiser takes up to around 2ml, but beware not to overfill. Overfilling will allow juice to drip inside the drip tube, which can be sucked back up when vaping. Once full replace the tip and you’re off.

    Q: How do I fill a tank?
    A: This item combines the plastic or glass reservoir (tank) with an atomizer which has a long thin coil instead of the round coil found on regular atomizers. The tank is filled simply by removing a cap and filling the tank with NVJuice. Once filled, the cap is screwed back on the tank and the tank is then connected to the atomizer coil by simply screwing the tank onto the atomizer coil. It is important to make sure you have completely connected the tank. Failure to connect properly will result in extremely reduced vapour production.

    Q: What is the difference between Regular, Low resistance, and Super Low resistance?
    A: This refers to the amount of heat produced by the coil of your atomizer/cartomizer device. Lower resistance refers to the resistance of the metal coil. By using lower resistance metal, more voltage can be pulled from the battery. Simply put – Lower resistance = higher voltage = more heat = MORE VAPOR!
    Specs- Regular devices use a 2.0 ohms rating Low Resistance devices use a 1.5 ohms rating Super Low Resistance devices use a 1.25 ohms rating

    Q: How often should I replace my atomiser?
    A: If you are a heavy user you can generally assume a life span of 2 to 4 weeks before replacement.
    All of these devices should be replaced frequently. The life span depends on each user and the rate of use coupled with the resistance of each device.
    When atomizers approach the end of their life span the vapour production will reduce drastically.

    Q: Is my atomiser/cartomizer/tank compatible with any type of battery?
    A: All our batteries, tanks, clearomisers and cartomizers are interchangeable. If you are using ANY other brand of batteries, cartomizers or clearomiser gear we cannot ensure or guarantee that you will be able to use these devices safely and effectively.

    Q: How do I clean my cartomizer, clearomiser or tank?

    • Clearomiser - It is best to clean the atomizer every 1-2 days to extend its life, to keep it running at its highest level of performance, and to change flavours. Pull the tip from the atomizer, unscrew it from the battery and take tissue paper to the connecting point. Then put your mouth on the open end and blow into it to remove excess liquid from the atomizer until there is no more liquid coming out. Clean the atomizer shaft to remove any moisture that may have accumulated. In addition, use a cotton swab to remove any dirt that may have gathered around the threading of the atomizer and battery to ensure a solid connection to the power source.
    • Cartomizer – Clean the inside of the cartomizer connector and threading to remove any juice that may have accumulated. In addition, use a paper towel to clean any dirt or liquid from the threading of the cartomizer, battery, and charger threading to ensure a solid connection to the power source. If the cartomizer feels clogged you may need to put your mouth on the large open end and blow air through it to blow out excess liquid that is clogging the coil. Do this into a napkin to collect the excess liquid.
    • Tank – Refer to atomizer cleaning guide.

    Q: Can I switch flavours using the same clearomiser, cartomizer or tank?
    A: The answer is different for each type of heating element.

    • Clearomisers – YES! You can use our prescribed cleaning method and then start using a new flavour. Some stronger flavours such as Cinnamon or Menthol may be harder to remove from the atomizer.
    • Cartomizers – NO. Once you have filled a cartomizer with a specific flavour you will need to continue using that flavour with that Cartomizer. Even with cleaning the wick will hold trace elements of flavour which could easily mix with any new flavour added to it. If you choose to mix similar flavours you may experience success but we do not advise this as the flavour results can be unpredictable.
    • Tanks- Yes. You can clean the atomizer effectively using the method described above. For the tank cartridge you will need to rinse the plastic reservoir and cap in warm water for several minutes. Strong flavour may be harder to remove and require more rinsing.