Minikin 2
Minikin 2

Minikin 2


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Chipset: Asmodus 180GX
Battery: 2x 18650 high rate flat battery
Balance charging available
Wattage Range (VW Mode): 5 Watts to 180 Watts
Wattage Resistence Range(TC Mode): 5 Watts to 120 Watts
Atomizer Resistence Range: 0.1ohm-2.5ohm
Temperature Control Range: 212 F-572 F/100C -300C
Max Output Voltage: 7.5 Volts
Output Peak Current: 45.0 Amps
Input Voltage Range: 6.4 Volts-9.0 Volts
Input Peak Current: 40.0 Amps
Display Operating Current: 25mA
Standby Current: <350uA
Standby Time: 18S
Vaping Time: 10S
Work Efficiency: 95%
Charging Parameters: DC 5V/1A
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