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What is an E-Cigarette?

Is Vaping the same as Smoking?

Are eCigs legal in New Zealand?

Is it legal to import nicotine?


Are the batteries re-chargeable?

How long do the batteries last once charged?

How long do the batteries last before they need to be replaced?

What is the voltage produced by 510/ego batteries?

Can I modify my batteries?

What is the difference between automatic and manual batteries?

What is the "5-click" locking feature?

What is a "pass-thru" battery?


Why does a flavour taste different than before?

What is my nicotine strength?

What is a pg/vg ratio?

What flavours should I use?

How should I store my liquid?

Can I have custom flavours mixed especially for me?

I spilled liquid on myself. What should I do?

I/my child/pet swallowed a bottle of liquid. What should I do?

How would I recognise a sensitivity or allergic reaction to Propylene Glycol? How could I address this when ordering juice?


What is the difference between a Cartomizer, Clearomiser and tank?

How do I fill a Cartomizer?

How do I fill a Clearomiser?

How do I fill a tank?

What is the difference between Regular, Low resistance, and Super Low resistance?

How often should I replace my atomiser?

Is my atomiser/cartomizer/tank compatible with any type of battery?

How do I clean my cartomizer, clearomiser or tank?

Can I switch flavours using the same clearomiser, cartomizer or tank?


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